Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

It is our intention to protect your privacy. We make this policy available to help you understand the activities we might take on with the personal data you provide us. When giving us your personal data, you are accepting this privacy policy and the fact that we could compile, use and reveal your data as described in this privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not provide us with any personal data. This Privacy Policy is incorporated to and is part of the Terms and Conditions which rule the general use of the site. We shall use your data solely with the purposes specifically described in our Privacy Policy. We may have to modify this Privacy Policy every so often. We recommend you to visit this page regularly in order to stay abreast of the most recent version

2. Legal age for purchasing alcoholic beverages

Please do not provide us any personal data if your are not over the legal age for alcohol purchasing in your legal area of residence and (in case it is different) on that from which you are accessing the site. We do not intend to compile personal data from any person under the legal age for alcohol purchasing, neither to promote any kind or alcoholic beverage amongst people under the needed age to be able to buy it. Should we be warned or suspicious that a person under that legal age has provided us with personal data, we shall take any possible action to delete those from our databases or mark and keep them with the sole objective of ensuring that they are never to be used again.

3. What does “personal data” mean?

Personal data are information about an identifiable individual as defined in the applicable legislation. They do not include added data which do not help their identification, nor commercial contact information like name, title, address or professional phone number.

4. Gathering of personal data

We shall only gather those personal data you are willing to share with us. Whenever possible, we will allow you to choose how your personal data might be used (for example letting you choose if you want to receive information about our promotional offers or not). We might ask you for your personal data in case you contact us in order to ask a question, register yourself on the site or fill a survey or any other type of form where your personal data is requested. The same applies if you ask us to provide you information, participate on any contest, send information to the site public areas or take advantage or a promotion. Any time we request your information, you may decide whether or not you want to receive any communication from us except those required by law or needed to manage transactions requested by you.

5. Use of cookies in our web site

As many other web sites we use cookies in order to help us gather and store information about our visitors. A cookie is a little data file our server sends to your browser wen you visit the site for the first time. The utilization of cookies allow us to control the usage you make of some of the web site aspects. You may delete those cookies at any time, or set your browser configuration for it to reject of disable cookies. You may get information on how to manage cookies at We can use the information contained at the cookies for the following purposes: 1. Traffic control. For example: The IP address from where you are accessing the site • The kind of browser and operating system you use for accessing it • The date and time of access • The pages you visit • The Internet address of the web site which accessed the site 2. In order to recognize recurring visitors for statistical/ analytical reasons. 3. Anonymous tracking of the interaction with on line advertising, for example to control the number of time a banner shows up and how many times it gets clicked. We may connect the data we gathered through the cookies with other identifiable personal data you provide us. Such purposes are: 1. To adapt or customize your experience with the site, for example for us to be able to greet you by your name. 2. For commercial purposes such as credit card payment. 3. To control the use you make of our site(s) so that the communications sent to you are as relevant as possible, for example sending emails with information relevant to the parts of the site you visit more often or letting you characteristics of the web site you may have not visited yet. We can gather (and share with third parties like advertisers) cumulated statistics about our users in numeric terms, traffic patterns or information related to the site.

6. Use of personal data

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 December 13th on Personal Data Protection and its development regulation, we inform you that the personal data provided will be incorporated to an automated data file under the responsibility of Mar de Frades S.L.  The registry of required personal data implies your consent to Mar de Frandes S.L to treat them with identification purposes, to assist you while browsing our web and to send you information about promotional offers and invitations related to any of  the Grupo Zamora products that might be of your interest using any means including electronic ones, as established in Law 34/2002 July 11 th on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. In this respect, the person providing us their data allows us specifically to treat the personal data sent to Mar de Frades, S.L., which will not be ceded to any company other than those mentioned and will not be available to third parties. Should Mar de Frades, S.L. wish to use your personal data for a purpose not yet described, we shall specifically ask for your consent informing you about the precise purposes of such treatment of your personal data. Considering the nature of the information contained on the web, Mar de Frades, S.L. reserves the right to ask for your personal ID number DNI or even a copy of it in order to verify your age. In any case, you may exercise your right to access, amend, cancel and object by sending a formal written communication with an attached copy of your DNI to one of the following contact addresses: E-mail address: Subject: Data Protection Postal Address: Mar de Frades S.L. Dpto LOPD, Finca Valiñas LG Arosa 16, 36637 Meis (Pontevedra) – Spain Your access to this web site implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions and of the privacy policy present on its landing page. In the event of the web site being used as a platform to send information to the User’s contacts, Mar de Frades shall not treat personal data from those contacts. Mar de Frades will only treat data that has been willingly provided through the filling of the appropriate registry form by the user for the purposes contained in this privacy policy.

7. Security

We care about your security and take every caution to preserve your personal data in a secure manner. We have enabled physical, electronic and administrative media to safeguard the data we gathered. We cannot control the privacy of email communications while they are on transit. We recommend you not to include any confidential, commercial or sensitive information on emails. In the unlikely case that we suspected the security of your personal data in our hands or under our control could have been exposed to any risk, we might notify you of that fact. If needed, we would take care of making such communication as soon as possible taking into account the circumstances and, if we had your email address, we might do it via email.

8. Links

This site may include links or references to other sites out of our domain. Bear in mind that we cannot control those sites, and that our Privacy Poicy is not applicable to them. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the linked of referred sites you might access.