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Mar de Frades


Is it possible to bring together the best and most important faces in the world of sport, cinema, culture, music, art and fashion in one exclusive event where only the best can make their mark? Indeed, it is – and thus, the UNCONQUERABLE AWARDS were born, in collaboration with GQ magazine.

This unmissable annual gathering, where only a select few come together to enjoy the event of the year, sees awards given to great celebrities across a number of fields, with the unmistakable cutting-edge seals of Mar de Frades and GQ.

Formula 1 pilot Carlos Sáinz, actors such as Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Ana Duato, Álvaro Morte, Ivana Baquero, Juana Acosta and Javier Rey, models the likes of Mark Vanderloo, and Jason Morgan, and bands like Dorian have all received awards in the first few editions.

A tribute to the values that make the men and women of the national and international panorama into outstanding professionals: rigour, the avant-garde, commitment, excellence and courage are qualities of the UNCONQUERABLE.



The 2nd edition of the GQ Unconquerable Awards has given prizes to avant-garde brave, committed, rigorous and excellent individuals, all of whom are unconquerable.

Jaime Nava
GQ Unconquerable Rigour Award.

Álvaro Morte
GQ Unconquerable Avant-Garde Award.

Miguel Ángel Muñoz
GQ Commitment Award.

Ivana Baquero
GQ Excellence Award.

Cuéntame cómo pasó

GQ Unconquerable Courage Award.
Mark VanderlooGQ Unconquerable Award



In the 1st edition of the GQ Unconquerable Awards, prizes were awarded for the values of Mar de Frades: courage, rigour, the avant-garde, and commitment to excellence.

Dorian, Marc Gili and Belly Hernández
These were the first to receive their GQ Unconquerable Avant-Garde Award

Javier Rey
Winner of the GQ Unconquerable Courage Award.

Jason Morgan
Winner of the GQ Unconquerable Rigour Award.

Juana Acosta
This Spanish-Columbian actress won the GQ Excellence Award.

Carlos Sainz Jr. 
Winner of the GQ Unconquerable Award, which encompasses all the characteristics of Mar de Frades.