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Mar de Frades


Only those selected can boast having made an appearance at places and events that others merely dream of attending, and the world of cinema and culture are no exception.

In recent years Mar de Frades has been sponsor of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious in the world, where its unconquerable and cutting-edge vibe can be breathed in every corner of the competition and the city.

In addition, it has had consistent presence at the premieres of some of the best films in Spanish cinema, as well as at the gala for those nominated for the 2020 Goya Awards

Great film stars and professionals from the sector have enjoyed Mar de Frades at exclusive events where the pairing of cinema with wine exudes excellence, allowing this wine’s unconquerable essence to shine.



Mar de Frades’ relationship with cinema has led to its involvement in multiple projects, including the documentary series Atlánticas In this three-episode miniseries, three actresses; Leticia Dolera, Clara Lago and Irene Escola, travel to different locations on the Atlantic ocean. This series is directed by Guillermo García López, winner of the Goya Award for best documentary film in 2017, who shares with Mar de Frades the values of Courage, Rigour, Contrasts and the quest for Excellence.

Similarly, Mar de Frades has taken part in the premieres of some of the biggest blockbusters in the Spanish cinema of recent years. Titles like Gold (starring Belén Rueda), The Invisible Guest (the most-seen Spanish film of 2018, starring Mario Casas) and Mirage (directed by Oriol Paulo) are among those films at whose official premieres Mar de Frades was present.



Mar de Frades was present at the biggest annual Spanish music event. Held in the Royal Theatre in Madrid, the Odeón Awards celebrated the successes of some of the most important stars on the national scene, and the most sought-after Albariño was there, making its unconquerable mark as official wine for the event.

Furthermore, Mar de Frades has been present for years a the Los 40 Music Awards as official wine for the event, which awards the most noteworthy stars of the year. The event, held in the Wizink Center in Madrid and with more than 25,000 attendees, brings together the great names of international music, sharing with Mar de Frades its commitment to the avant-garde, nonconformity, and leadership.