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History Made of Atlantic

HistoryMade of Atlantic

HISTORY – Made Of Atlantic

Since 1987, Mar de Frades has worked hard to bring you singular wines with a unique personality and a capacity for surprise. Today it is one of the most sought after brands of white wine in Spain, offering a Premium innovative quality product.

Mar de Frades was launched in 1987, with its history running parallel to the RIAS BAIXAS Designation of Origin, and is a pioneering winery in the region, representing the deep-rooted tradition of wine-making in the Salnés Valley; the historic capital of Albariño. This is the very place where the legend of this grape variety began and where the most sophisticated and most select white wines in Spain are produced. Mar de Frades, a term from Galego, the language of Galicia, meaning “Sea of Friars”, is also the name given to a place near the Ría de Arosa, at the mouth of the Umia river, where a long time ago pilgrims would disembark and continue on their journey towards Santiago de Compostela.

Mar de Frades is located at the foot of the Finca Valiñas vineyard, on a hillside at the heart of the Salnés Valley, facing the Ría de Arousa estuary which tempers the Atlantic breeze caressing this magical place. The Mar de Frades winery rises up from amidst this landscape, with its grey svelte granite and copper figure, weathered by the elements of the Galician climate.

“Because we are not like others, we yearn for something different, something unique, that can define what you are. Someone special, who knows what they want and fears nothing. A way of understanding and living life, different to others. Mar de Frades. Made of Atlantic. Unconquerable”.

Ten rules for an unconquerable wine

Ten rules for an unconquerable wine

For I am defined by contrasts.

I am exquisitely natural.

I am sophisticated and casual.

I am serene and tempestuous.

I am clearly inexplicable.

Delicately unconquerable.

For I am defined by excellence.

I am an avant-garde conservative.

Where the novel is traditional.

I highlight the grandeur in the smallest detail.

For I am defined by bravery.

I am free stimulation.

Reflective impulses.

Faithful to myself despite uncertainty.

I am a me in a world of yous.

For I am defined by passion.

I am the burning snow.

I am the icy fire.

I am the past in the shape of foresight.

I am the past in the shape of legend.

Between sane insanity.

Between an ocean of silence and the untamed mountain.

Between the perfect sin and the dizzy balance.

I am unique. I am different.

Our enologist
Our enologist

Our enologist

Paula Fandiño

From an early age she felt passionately about the countryside and the vineyard. Her background in wine comes directly from her ancestors. She graduated as an Agricultural Engineer at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specializing in the field of the Farming and Food Industry and she is also an Agronomy Engineer, specializing in the field of viticulture and enology. Since she took over, Mar de Frades has become one of the leading wineries in Spain and one of the most prestigious white wine brands in the sector. Her work has been recognized with her receiving several awards both for her wines and for Paula Fandiño herself, being named among the top ten most influential enologists in Spain in December 2016 by the prestigious British magazine Drinks Business.

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