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Mar de Frades
Mar de Frades


This summer, our chefs suggest us an easy, freshly and ideal recipe to enjoy with Mar de Frades wine:


  1. Choose a scarlet prawn, weighing between 150g and 200g, cut at the first ring then sear the head in the pan.
  2. Peel the rest of the prawn’s body and cut into fine disks. Plate the prawn so that it appears to be the whole prawn assembled on the plate.
  3. Sear the head in a pan with a drop of oil and flash-fry so that the juice inside the head jells slightly.
  4. Meanwhile, make two types of emulsions to mix with the juice from the prawn’s head; the first with red chilli: first blend at high power about 30 g of chillies with 100 g of sunflower oil, then beat with one egg. The second: chive oil with 100 g of ciboulette and 100 g of oil, create the emulsion with egg too.
  5. Plating: plate using an attractive tray, place the prawn as if just out of the sea, garnish with large dots of our red chilli and chive emulsions and edible flowers. Present the dish to guests.

Tip: Using nitrile gloves to stay clean, dress with the juice from the head of the prawn and drip onto the prawn disks and the oils.

A delicious dish to enjoy in the company of our loved ones!

Do you dare to replicate it? This summer, the perfect match with your recipes is Mar de Frades. Made of Atlantic, Unconquerable