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Prizes Unconquerable
Prizes Unconquerable


I fear neither cold nor heat, neither light nor shade.  I am not intimidated by adversity as challenges appeal to me. I am brave by nature.

My passion for excellence makes me incredibly demanding of myself. Even when I seem more relaxed, I have everything under control.

I define myself as innovative tradition, the brute force of a calm sea. I co-exist with contrasts and this means I am always one step ahead.

Being avant-garde is a part of me, and this is why I am like nothing you have ever known before. I am one in a million.

This means you will either love me or hate me but I do not aim for all to understand me.

Made of Atlantic. Unconquerable.

I am Mar de Frades.

I fear neither cold nor heat, neither light nor shade. I am not intimidated. We always favour those who have an unconquerable personality and for this reason we are partnering with GQ magazine to hold the first edition of GQ Prizes Unconquerable, an awards ceremony where those personifying this concept will be recognized.

But don’t be too curious, we’ll tell you more very soon.

Unexpectedly unique