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Mar de Frades


mar de frades-somos inconquistables

MAR DE FRADES embodies the indomitable spirit of a character forged by the Atlantic.

Strong, daring, rigorous and cutting edge, making being different it’s approach to life. Its unique personality has made an impression in the world of fashion, cinema and culture with a personal and one-of-a-kind brand. Because becoming Spain’s most sought-after white is all about the little details.

Such is the essence of MAR DE FRADES. Made of Atlantic. UNCONQUERABLE.


I’m defined by contrasts. I’m exquisitely natural. I’m sophisticated yet casual, serene yet stormy. I’m clearly inexplicable. I’m delicately invincible.

I’m defined by excellence. I’m cutting-edge yet conservative, where novelty meets tradition. I show greatness in the smallest of details.

I’m defined by courage. I’m a free stimulant, a reflex impulse. True to myself despite uncertainty, I’m a me in a world of yours.

I’m defined by passion. I’m the burning snow, the frozen flame. I’m the past in legendary form.

Between sanity and madness, between an ocean of silence and the wild mountain. Between the perfect sin and dizzying balance.

I’m unique. I’m different. I’m Mar de Frades. MADE OF ATLANTIC. UNCONQUERABLE.